I have been using CVMarkets for two years and I’ve been a satisfied client ever since I started. I wasn’t a beginner when I started using this platform. I’m an experienced trader, and I’m associated with multiple trading platforms. That’s how I know a good online broker when I see it. CVMarkets is among my top picks.

CVMarkets Reviews 2021 - My Review and Rating www.cvmarkets.com - THE RAY AND THE RO

This platform has a wide variety of trading options along with over 200 trading options. You can have a diverse investment portfolio through it. I appreciate how the platform doesn’t limit my choices in the way some other trading platforms do. You have stocks, indices, commodities, currencies, and crypto all under one roof. You can choose what you’re comfortable with and learn about the options that push your comfort zone through the resources that the platform provides.

If you’re considering this platform, I hope you benefit from my rating, review, and personal opinion about this broker.

Multiple Trading Options (Rating: 80%)

CVMarkets offers a wide range of trading options. The number of tradable assets on this platform exceeds 200. You can enter this platform with any intention, whether you want to invest in stocks or play your hand at the elusive crypto. Other than these two, you will find commodities, indices, futures, spot FX, FX alternatives, and CFDs. I came to this platform intending to diversify my portfolio and it has successfully helped me in doing that.

Pricing Plans (Rating: 85%)

Generally, CVMarkets gives investors great all-around pricing. For active traders and those with huge account balance brokers, you will notice that CVMarkets offers the most minimal pricing in the business, especially when you compare them with its competitiors. I compared the platform’s pricing with the other brokers I have been associated with, and I have to say that CVMarkets is at a very affordable level.

CVMarkets is generally affordable. It may not have the lowest price point compared to other trading platforms. But its base deposit is reasonable. And yes, the platform does have a base deposit of 250 euros at the time of this review. This may be a slight drawback for beginners who want to trade with smaller amounts. It may also discourage some traders from using it and moving on to the platforms that have a free account.

Pricing Plans Rating 85 - CVMarkets Reviews 2021 - THE RAY AND THE RO

Even so, traders that have moved on from the beginner stage will find that the platform offers good pricing plans. There are six types of accounts in total. I was impressed by that because I could choose the plan that suited me best, and I didn’t have to pay for features that I didn’t want to use.

It is worth mentioning that the high-end accounts on the platform; Diamond and Libra are ranked among the top forex traders. The rest which includes Self-Managed, Basic, Gold, and Platinum have a comparable ranking in the trading scene.

The Self-Managed Account

This is the entry-level account offered at CVMarkets. You need a base deposit of 250 euros at least. The amount is similar to entry-level accounts at other trading platforms that do require a minimum deposit. But I do think it’s a pity that there’s no free account.
Even so, you can do a lot with this account if you’re a beginner. You might not find such features on free accounts at other trading platforms. It has the options of a market review and improved leverage up to 100.

There are many other features that this online broker offers. Once you gain more experience with the Self-Managed account, you might find it worthwhile to upgrade to other accounts on the platform.

The Basic Account

For the Basic account, you will need a deposit of at least 5000 euros. It offers a lot more features than the Self-Managed account. Aside from the market review, you will get a dedicated account manager, Basic spreads, a leverage up to 200, trade room tier 3, and special venture.

The Gold Account

The Gold Account requires a minimum deposit of 10, 000 euros. It has all the features of the Basic account as well as some upgraded ones which include Gold spreads, trading signals, trade room tier 2, financial planning, risk management planning, sessions with a private analyst, priority withdrawal, and special ventures.

The Platinum Account

For the Platinum account, the deposit is at least 25, 000 euros and this is the account I’m currently using. I think it’s well-balanced with all the features of the Gold account. The additional features include the Platinum spread, a leverage of up to 300, complete access to the trade room along invitations to VIP events which are always fun.

The Platinum Account - CVMarkets Reviews 2021 - THE RAY AND THE RO

The Diamond Account

The Diamond account requires a minimum deposit of 50, 000 euros. The extra features that it throws in are leverage of up to 400 and a Bitcoin trade room package. If you’ve been in the crypto scene for some time, you might want to check it out.

The Libra Account

This Libra account is invite-only. It selectively accepts experts on CVMarkets. This is the kind of account that a trader aspires to have. First of all, you get validation when you’re invited to this account. And then, you get to enjoy privileges that many other traders don’t have. To get in, you need to be qualified for the CVMarkets Loyalty program. You can do this by being consistent on the platform. For instance, if you keep a high rate in forex volume, your account might be upgraded to Libra.

Payment Method (Rating: 85%)

There are lots of options for payment. The platform accepts MasterCard, Maestro, VLoad, and bank transfer. You can choose bitcoin transfer as well which is very convenient for crypto traders and faster than the other options as well. However, CVMarkets does not accept PayPal as of yet. I do hope that they make the option available soon because it is much quicker than other options and convenient for many users as well.

Tools on the Platform (Rating: 85%)

CVMarkets has innovative tools that you can only find in top trading platforms. Along with that, the platform’s execution is quick and streamlined. It can help you enjoy the process. I certainly did. CVMarkets has helped me become a better trader.

The user interface of the platform is easy to use with an appealing design. The watch rundown, screener, and alerts are perfectly aligned and help you stay on top of your game.
The charts showing trade analysis are easy to understand. You can see live charts that show ups and downs in the market by the minute. They can help you make good decisions and become well-aware of the market.

Tools on the Platform-CVMarkets Reviews 2021-therayandthero

There are about 20 drawing tools and many different indicators in the chart tool. You can also choose from different types of charts which include scatter, candlestick, spline, ohlc, and line. The charts are very adaptable which is one quality I observed throughout the platform. The asset chart analysis segment that shows trade signals and related information are very helpful as well.

You can’t trade effectively without the right tools no matter how experienced you may be. And I’m happy to report that you can count on this platform to provide you with the tools you need to become a successful trader.

Accessibility (Score: 90%)

Some trading platforms are not easy to use on mobile. Thankfully, CVMarkets isn’t one of them. You can use the platform on any device you prefer. The user interface on each device is top-notch. You won’t have to keep zooming on your mobile. The modified chart and watch accounts also get saved and sync with your account on multiple devices.
Another great feature of the platform is how easy it is to switch between assets such as forex, CFDs, futures, advances, etc. You can also get a Quick Trade option which helps in setting value capacity to handle slippage when you need prompt fills.

Risk Management (Rating: 90%)

CVMarkets has an admirable system set in place for risk management. You’re provided with an account value shield highlight that can determine the greatest risks associated with your account balance. When it is set off, the system will close all open situations apart from security and shared assets. This will keep you safe in adverse situations and help you avoid significant loss.

Learning Resources (Rating: 80%)

CVMarkets have a variety of learning resources that both novices and experienced traders can take advantage of. I believe that a good online broker should not only provide a platform for trading but also help people learn it.

The platform has an assortment of eBooks that avid readers such as myself appreciate. I particularly like their eBook on the topic of Market Analysis. The book explained the Dow theory very eloquently and taught me something new about the value of security.

I think beginners can greatly benefit from the eBooks on the platform and learn the tips and tricks of trading. If you don’t want to spend too much time on eBooks and want quick answers to your queries, the FAQ section will be helpful to you. It has most of the common questions that novice traders wonder about.

Learning Resources -CVMarkets Reviews 2021-therayandthero

You can also find the asset index and glossary to look up terms that you’re unfamiliar with. Another great resource that the platform offers are webinars. They’re available with weekly, monthly, or complete access. The webinars are great for people that want to learn extensively about trading but have problems with reading.

CVMarkets also has several in-house experts that the users can take advantage of. You can find their input on CVMarkets’ Market Analysis sections. The learning resources and educational content available on the platform sets it apart from many other online brokers.

Customer Support (Rating: 90%)

CVMarkets has praiseworthy customer support. You can contact them on many different mediums. They have an option for live chat, and they’re always quick to respond. If you have a query that can wait, and you don’t want to use live chat, you can always send them an email.

Customer Support -CVMarkets Reviews 2021-therayandthero

They can also connect you to customer support personnel on the telephone if you feel that you cannot explain your issues in writing. Anyone I’ve ever talked to on their platform has been very helpful and considerate. They have resolved all my issues so far.

The Takeaway

CVMarkets is one of the best options out there for online traders. It has many innovative features along with plans that have a good value at their price. The learning resources are very helpful and the customer support is superior. Overall, I’m very satisfied with this platform, and I hope you give it a try as well.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation. I cannot be responsible for any inconvenience that might occur trading/exchanging with this company.