When you look at a logo, it means more than just a pretty figure. It symbolizes the character your brand have and what specific goal is there which you work upon. Working on a logo is just like establishing your company as a brand that can be widely recognized just like Texas longhorn embroidery design.

Since graphic designing needs the hands of an expert, it is a daunting task to get the perfect business logo. An expert will make sure that your business logo is carefully transformed into spectacular custom embroidery.

The design should always be digitized before the transformation takes otherwise you could face issues like loss of elements crop up. If you are looking to work your way in bringing your idea into embroidery, then we are here with 5 amazing tips that will help you in your journey.

Tip 1: Work On The Quality

When you are providing an embroidered design into a low-resolution graphic, the chances are that you might disturb the quality while enlarging the image up to the desired size for embroidery digitizing.

However, choosing the enlargement in such a low graphic leads to pixilation where you would lose the delicate details and gets the faded results with an uneven edge.

To ensure this from not happening with your embroidery design, provide the embroiderer with a high-resolution graphic and you will have a similar result like the design.

Tip 2: Avoid The Lines In Light Color

All the fines lines that you get with the colors such as white or pale yellow can disturb the outcomes of the embroidery and you might have to compromise on the quality.

The reason being the thin stitches used in the embroidery while working on the delicate lines. They can leave significant spaces that will appear like a blank dot. Make sure you are darkening the details to get excellent embroidery.

Tip 3: Simple Approach Works

Although there are various color options you have to choose from but the experts still advise you to work around a few basic colors, usually one or two. This way your logo will lookout to be just perfect like Tennessee embroidery design and when you look at the design in color as well as the black-and-white version, it should look similar.

Getting black embroidery could be a cost reduction option without compromising on the quality and few big names have adopted this technique for a long. You are then also open to choose for the color variant if the situation or some event’s theme demands the same.

Tip 4: Keep The Font Size Big

The font sizes should be big and clear with the least size around to be ¼ inch. This will allow you to have easy and proper readability by the audience when you bring out the final digitized embroidery logo after designing.

A quick way to determine the right size would be that the embroidered font should be easily readable from an arm’s length.

If you want to go with the smaller text in your embroidered logo, there are options available where the finer and expensive fabric and thread can be used to carry out that, however, it should be best avoided. Thin lines can cause insufficient prominence once the embroidered result you get.

Tip 5: Get Rid Of Gradients

Try to avoid the gradients the best you can. If you use overlapping threads of multiple colors, you will lose on to the clarity which should be there in your design.

If somehow the multicolored logo is required, make sure there are good contrast colors are being used instead of working in similar shades.

What Would Be The Best Places To Plant Your Logo?


You can provide your employees with company jackets, shorts, or t-shirts which will have a clear logo in bright colors and a clear design. This way your employee can be easily stand out in the rest of the crowd by the clients and you can also get done with the indirect branding as well from that logo.

Business card:

If you look around in the professional sector, everything has been digitalized from sending emails to networking. But if there is an exception that would stay long in the coming years, that would be a business card.

That is why it becomes important to have your logo on the same along with contact information for the potential or existing clients.

Mugs and water bottles:

You can distribute mugs and water bottles amongst your employee and clients which will encourage them to focus on their hydration or drink coffee to stay active and awake throughout the day.

You can put on your logos at these things which will be counted as an excellent marketing strategy where you will be staying with them and in their mindset wherever they would go.