What is careprost?

careprost may be a medicament for the treatment of hypotrichosis, which is employed to grow eyelashes, making the eyelashes longer, thicker and darker.

Does CAREPROST have contraindications?

Contraindications to the employment of CAREPROST is an allergy to 1 of the components of the drug.

Are there any special restrictions related to the employment of careprost?

Buy careprost is meant for application to the skin of the upper eyelid at the bottom of the eyelashes. it’s not recommended to use the drug for the lower eyelid. If you’re taking LUMIGAN or other medicines with elevated pressure levels (LDPE), or if you’ve got ever had LDPE, CAREPROST should be used under the strict supervision of your medical aid physician.

Use of CAREPROST may cause darkening of the eyelid skin, which disappears when the substance is withdrawn. the employment of CAREPROST may also cause a rise within the iris’ brown pigmentation, which may be permanent. (Note: the critical risk of adjusting the iris’s colors is found with medical use – installation of the substance within the eye.)

It is also possible for hair to grow on the skin in places where frequent contact with CAREPROST occurs. To avoid this, just in case of contact with the skin (except the upper eyelids), this area should be soaked with a thin cloth or other sorbent material. There might also be differences in the length, thickness, pigmentation, number, and direction of eyelashes’ growth on different eyes. These differences usually disappear after you stop using careprost.

Who must report using careprost?

You must inform your healthcare provider about the utilization of CAREPROST, especially if you’ve got problems with pressure level. you must also report the utilization of CAREPROST to a selected target for eye pressure.

What should I do if i purchase careprost in my eyes?

careprost eye drops could be a pharmaceutical product for the eyes, so it’ll not irritate when it comes directly into the eyes. During this case, you are doing not must rinse your eyes.

What are the possible side effects of using careprost?

The most common side effects with CAREPROST are itching and redness of the eyes. These symptoms were observed in approximately 4% of patients. Using careprost can cause other much less common side effects. This may be a darker eyelid skin, eye irritation, dry eyes, and eyelids’ redness.

If your eyes’ condition has changed (an injury or infection has occurred), vision has increased dramatically, you’ve got had eye surgery, have developed conjunctivitis or other eye diseases, you must contact your doctor immediately for further use of careprost.

What happens if you stop using careprost?

After you stop using careprost, your lashes return to their previous appearance, which can take several weeks or months. Darkening of the eyelid skin will disappear in an exceedingly few weeks.

Any darkening of the iris is sometimes irreversible and doesn’t disappear with time. (Note: the critical risk of adjusting iris color occurs with medical use – insertion of the substance into the eye).

How does one use careprost?

Bimat and Super Lash are sold in packs of three ml, complete with disposable applicators. The recommended dose may be a single dose before bedtime on the upper eyelid skin at the bottom of the eyelashes.

Before using, clean the skin from makeup, remove contact lenses. Remove the applicator from the packaging. Hold the applicator horizontally, apply a drop of CAREPROST on the applicator closest to the tip, but in some way thereon. Then gently apply the applicator over the upper eyelid skin at the bottom of the eyelashes, moving from the within of the attention to the skin. Avoid getting the drug beyond the century.

Repeat the identical steps for the second century using another applicator. This may help reduce the chance of infection from one century to a different one.

It is recommended to use a brand new applicator for every application. However, if you utilize the applicator several times – take extra capacity (for example, for contact lenses) for one drop of the merchandise, and sterilize the applicator before another use.

Are you losing your eyelashes? Use the eyelash serum!

Falling eyelashes is the primary sign of a disease or body dysfunction. If you’re plagued by eyelash loss, this text may shed some light on the explanation for the matter.

Causes of eyelash loss

There are several possible reasons. The foremost common cause could be a skin allergy to the products you utilize day after day. It can be the mascara you set on your eyelashes or a moisturizer. It may be difficult to watch how your body reacts to a specific cosmetic if you employ it daily. Try and stop using eye products for a long time, or switch them to organic products per week or two. If you see a positive change, it means old beauty products were the reason for the eyelash problem. One more reason which will contribute to eyelash loss may be a diet low in essential vitamins and minerals. Likewise, wearing contact lenses can influence the eyelash growth cycle.