The event or exhibition banners designing process needs a proper understanding of various things. First of all, you should know the foundational principles and right techniques for designing event banners. After that, you should start gathering the right tools for completing the designing process.

If you want your banner during the event to shine bright as compare to your competitors, you should follow the rules and regulations. Most people do not aware of the event banner designing process. Well, you do not need to worry because we have created a complete guide for the event banner designing.  

Designing Event Banners 

The banner is one of the best promotional tools for various types of business. There are different types of banners such as social media banners, banner ads, and banner stands.

All these types of banners are great for promoting your business. There are two types of banners when they are categorized on the basis of material used for the banner construction: fabric banner and vinyl banner.

Here, in this blog post, we are going to share some tips to make your banner attractive and help you to make your event successful.  The fabric banner printing Vancouver contractor helps in designing the best fabric banners for various kinds of events. 

Things To Be Included In Banners 

  • Large And Readable Font 

You should pay attention to your font that you will use to write your message on your banner. Your message should be easily readable, even to those people who are standing apart. Your main objective of using a banner in the event is to spread your message. If your message is not properly readable then your efforts will go in vain. We recommend you to use Helvetica, Georgia, and PT Sans. 

  • Single And Focused Message 

The best banner can easily catch the attention of people in the event. You should not print lengthy messages because the event visitors do not have much time to read big paragraphs. You should make your message short and effective. Single and focused messages can easily help you to get more customers for your business. 

  • Choose Relevant Image

The process of choosing a relevant image for a banner may sound obvious, but most people forget it. The relevant image for the banner is that can speak about your brand and product. The images that you will display on your exhibition banners should be powerful enough to get more leads for your business.

According to psychological experts, human beings have a higher tendency to retain information from images as compared to text messages. 

  • Color Game

You should pick a brighter hues for your exhibition banner. Dark colors can easily catch the attention of people and attract more visitors to your booth in your exhibition stand. Your font color should be contrasting with your background. Also, you should make sure that font color does not create any problem in reading your text. 

  • Wise Choices For Background 

You should choose a pastel color for your banner background. The custom banners Vancouver with pastel background color will help in promoting your products and services. The lighter hues help to highlight your brand, product, and services efficiently. 

  • Reduce Text Size To Five Lines 

You should make sure that the size of a text message is small. Always keep in mind that less is more in banner ads. Your main message should be complete in one line. After your main message, you should include a few more lines to complete the message.  

  • Create A Balanced Layout 

You should design a balanced layout of your banner. You should properly place your logo, images, text, and various other items on your banner stand. Make sure that there is proper white space in your banner so that it does not create chaos. 

  • Consider The Event Location

While designing your event banner, you should consider the location and timing of the event. If the event is going to take place in an open space, you should consider using brighter colors that can shine in the day time. If the event is going to take place in a closed space, you should consider the color of your booth and choose the contrasting color for your banner. 

  • Design Banner As Per Your Campaign

Before start designing your banner, you should consider the vision of your campaign. You should make sure that the design of your banner should align with the campaign vision. It will help you to spread the right message to the potential customers of your products or services. 

  • Take Help Of Designer

You should consider taking graphic design such as fabric printing Vancouver contractors for designing perfect banners for your booth. They have a good experience and they can design banners that can help to get the right message out in the event. Make sure you describe your needs and requirements to the graphic banner designer in advance.