According to a market survey, the estimated number of refrigerator units in use in 2019-20 was around 14 million in India. Consequently, this particular market segment was worth more than Rs.22,000 crore. These numbers go on to prove just how popular these appliances are for an Indian household. Still, a critical confusion when purchasing refrigerators comes to deciding whether to pick single-door models or double-door variants.

Deciding to buy a double door refrigerator or a single door can prove crucial in managing the overall efficiency of food storage in your household. Here are thus some essential aspects to consider before choosing one.

  • The number of members in your family

Nuclear families can manage easily with single door models. However, those living in joint families should opt for a refrigerator with double doors without fail. These are spacious options, which should allow increased food storage to suffice larger family requirements. On the other hand, a single-door fridge is more suited for families with a maximum of 4 or 5 members. 

  • Your affordability regarding a refrigerator’s cost

Budget is also a crucial determining factor when it comes to deciding between single and double-door refrigerators. As you may have already guessed, double door fridge price is not as affordable as that of single-door models. Thus, individuals who need access to a refrigerator at inexpensive rates would do well to stick to smaller variants. 

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  • The purpose of buying refrigerator

The next question to ask yourself when planning to buy a fridge is what is the real purpose of it. For instance, industrial storage or commercial storage of products would require you to buy a bigger refrigerator. In such cases, single door models’ space would not suffice. 

However, if you are looking to add a minibar in your room, then smaller single-door variants are the perfect fit. They do not take up too much space, and are cheap when compared to a double-door fridge price. So decide the purpose of it before buying it.

What else to consider apart from size?

Keep in mind that your decision to buy a refrigerator is influenced by several factors, besides the number of doors it has. Here are some of them – 

  • Features and facilities – If you are in search of some specific features, you would need to stick to particular models from one or two brands. In that case, you may not be able to choose as per a refrigerator’s size.
  • Smart refrigerators – Customers who desire smart features such as remote controllability from smartphones would need to limit their search to double door refrigerators only, as such technology is limited to the advanced models alone. 

Remember that high capacity refrigerators are also some of the costliest. For example, most smart fridges cost around Rs.2.5 lakh or more. Therefore, they are perfect for individuals with adequate financial backing. 

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