Bitcoin might be the cryptocurrency of popular world fame, but now with many alternate choices, people are much interested in knowing about them. There had been many altcoins which aimed to make their mark in the crypto world, but unfortunately, they soon became dead coins, or in other words, failed to match the success of BTC. Today, there are altcoins like ETH, BCH, Dash, and XRP, that come among the top-rated digital currencies. So let us know about Ripple and brewing curiosity of XRP $100 target in this article, and gather more and more information related to it.


Just like any other cryptocurrencies, many people and investors had questions about Ripple. One such is will XRP reach 100? So yes, there is a possibility. If not all, but most of the investors do believe in Ripple price 100 dollars expectation. Those who do not know much about Ripple must know it from its basic introduction.


To know about Ripple, one should be aware of the fact that it is a platform as well as cryptocurrency. It has been noticed that people get confused in spotting the difference between XRP and Ripple. When we talk about the Ripple platform, then it is an open-source protocol and is made to make the process of transactions speedier and at an affordable price.


If you take the case of the most famed cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, you will find that it was never that easier in terms of payment mode. Contrary to it, Ripple is going to bring changes in the process of transactions at the abroad level, all over the world. XRP is known to be the cryptocurrency of the Ripple platform. But with the help of RippleNet, it also enables everyone regarding platform utility on their own.

Brief About RippleNet

RippleNet can be defined as an institutional network dealing in proving payments like central authorities including banking and other moneylender businesses, who make the best use of Ripple-developed solutions in sending money worldwide without any barrier.


The customers of this network can make the best use of Ripple with the purpose of liquidity sourcing regarding transactions over cross-border, contrary to funding done before. Other than that it also ensures exchange fees with minimal price, working capital best use, and immediate settlement.

Is It A Blockchain Concept?

Yes, RippleNet is indeed a network of blockchain technology. More than 100 institutions related to finance have been getting their services all around the world. One of its members includes Kotak Mahindra Bank from India.


XRP: The Cryptocurrency Of Ripple Network

One more important fact about Ripple is the XRP. It is known to be the cryptocurrency of the Ripple network, representing value transfer. The main objective of this Ripple (XRP) is its prominent objective in acting as a link between fiat and digital currencies. It is very useful in the exchange of fiat currencies. In that, it helps in reducing the commission. $0.00001 is the cost of the Ripple transaction.


Another major fact about Ripple that you must know is when this particular amount of Ripple vanishes from the network (Ripple), then it can’t be expected to fill back. Well, it is all done to keep spamming attacks at bay.

People Behind The Creation Of Ripple (XRP)

The foundation was laid sixteen years back from now. However, the actual past is laid seven years back, when decentralized network creator Jed McCaleb gave an invitation to world investors to take investment initiative in Ripple Labs.

Chris Larsen

He is one of the wealthy men in the crypto world. Other than investing, Larsen is also into the business world. In the field of online financial services, he is credited for the co-foundation of newbie businesses (or startups). Back in the 90s, Larsen made beginning with E-Loan, an online loan providing firm.

Jed McCaleb

Another person who is behind the foundation of Ripple (XRP) is Jed McCaleb. He is a renowned businessman and skilled expert in programming. He is also credited for the foundation of multiple startups related to cryptocurrency, including the latter, Overnet, Stellar, and Mt. Gox, a digital currency exchange. Some of the prominent investors who have invested in Ripple Labs include Santander InnoVentures, IDG Capital Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, and more.

XRPL Monitor: How Much Do You Know About It

Other than knowing about Ripple, you must also find out what is XRPL Monitor? If you don’t have much idea about it, then let me introduce you to one of the popular social media crypto accounts, that revealed the transferring of a bigger amount by Ripple in 24 hrs. Besides this, XRPL Monitor has also stated the fact about sending a section to Larson, who had been the chief executive officer of Ripple, previously.


To know the worth of Ripple in terms of its utility, then one should know that its framework has been made as a provision for payments. So in that way, it won’t be wrong to say that this altcoin is more robust than the foremost cryptocurrency, BTC. It also fares in speedy and low-cost transactions. It is much preferred by financial institutions like banks and does not face any barrier of regulatory check-ups. One more additional advantage to mention is it can be exchanged for any valuable commodity with a lesser commission.


Importance Of Use

Every crypto enthusiast is inquisitive in knowing about Ripple and its utility. So one such that defines its importance of use is it does not result in higher commission. It has been found that there are difficulties in exchange among the currencies in a direct manner. Because of this, central authorities like banks prefer fiat currencies like the US dollar as a mediating link. And it involves a commission twice. Although Ripple also acts as a mediating link like USD, it is far less costly in comparison to it.


So this is what you need to be knowing about Ripple. Ripple also fares in speedy transactions at the international level in a few seconds, compared to Bitcoin. Users can benefit themselves in issuing their currency because of Ripple’s user-friendly features in terms of the lower and speedy transaction. To know more about Ripple and XRP 100 dollars target, flock on to the Cryptoknowmics site. Here you will get a detailed analysis of this alternate currency, and will also clear your doubts regarding the difference between XRP and Ripple. In short, Ripple is both a network platform and XRP is its cryptocurrency.