I had been struggling with my job recently. In addition, the weight to support my family has been challenging altogether. So, I was looking for another means to earn that didn’t require much experience and would be helpful and educational.

My father has been in the trading industry for over a decade now, and watching him get invested in trading made me interested in finding out what online trading is about. I have a few friends who were traders with some experience, and it was suggested by them to use the platform Golden-Gate. I have heard of many traders talk about how getting into trading can be risky as getting scammed by specific trading platforms is now arising quite often, and to avoid such a situation, one must be able to have a platform where they feel contented using it.

So, my journey as a trader began last year. I started by using the platform Golden-Gate and made out how the platform could be helpful to many other novice traders.Young traders now pouring into the trading industry with the minimum amount of knowledge and assistance require the most dependable platform in the market. So, in my experience with Golden-Gate, I can give an in-depth review about this platform and how helpful it has been for me.


The arrangement of a trading platform is supposed to be accessible and self-explanatory. Because a complex layout can lead to confusion for all the novices and drive them away. Therefore, all the contents must have the required information,most straightforward to make it comfortable for everyone.

The layout of this platform is neat and organized. I am pleased with the light-colored theme of the forum as it is easy on the eye, whereas other platforms have a dark theme that gives it an indistinct look. The contents offered have been stated in different sections, with their sub-sections providing all the data that a trader might need. Furthermore, the pictures used to give an interactive look to the website seem more welcoming to traders.

The date, day, and time are given at the top right corner of the screen, and the security information is shared are at the end of the main page. Unfortunately, the only languages provided are English and German, which is worrisome as the international brokers might find this to be an inconvenience. Providing a broad range of dialects will undoubtedly improve the platform’s reach and make it easier for traders worldwide.

What Have I Learned from The Education Center?

The education center of any trading platform should contain everything that there is to know about trading. In addition, a trading website of good quality should have the ability to expand your skill further and make you aware of the ongoing trading.

The education center consists of Asset Index, eBooks, FAQs, and Glossary. The asset index contains all the assets available in alphabetical order and expiration rules, and trading hours, making it easier for brokers to look for a particular asset. The eBooks provided by the platform are thirteen in total and have a summary of what each eBook offers. They cover a vast assortment of information, having everything you will need to know about trading.

It was a massive help for me as I tend to fall behind on my knowledge on specific topics, and it’s nice to have a dedicated section where you can go back and forth. The glossary is also organized alphabetically, where beginners can learn about the terms used regularly in the trading industry and be up to date. Finally, the FAQs are where most of the questions that may come to your mind are given along with the desired answers.

There has been so much that I have learned via this website, and I am looking forward to learning more as I use this platform and gain better knowledge and experience.

My Experience with Customer service:

In addition, you can seek customer service through live chat, telephone, email, and even by filling out a form. The live chat option is available at the bottom right corner of the screen.

I availed of the live chat option as I felt at ease with it. The responses were quick and informative, all my confusion was faded away, and in addition, I got the chance to expand my knowledge further using it. However, if a trader is willing to contact them through the telephone line, then the regions they support are the UK and Australia, which I find is another downside as it is again limiting the ability of international traders to gain access to this feature. Regardless of the limited dialect, I cherished the quality of the service and see myself utilizing again in the future.

My Experience with Customer service

Account Types:

The Basic account type avails the opportunity for the trader to have access to over 200 tradable assets, market reviews, and up to 100 significant leverages, all worth the cost of 250 euros.

The Silver account enables over 200 tradable assets, market review, dedicated senior manager, bonus funds, lucrative gold spreads, significant leverages up to 200, tier 3 trade room analysis, financial planning, risk management planning, special venture promotions, monthly webinar, and level 3 prioritized withdrawal process.

Additionally, the Gold account provides lucrative platinum spreads, up to 300 significant leverages, trading signals, tier 2 room analysis, weekly webinars, private analyst sessions, and level 2 prioritized withdrawal process.

The Platinum account type offers the same features as the gold account with complete access to webinars, access to lucrative VIP events, unlimited access to the trade room analysis, up to 400 significant leverages, VIP lucrative spreads, and a level 1 prioritized withdrawal process.

At first, I resorted to the basic account type and found it comfortable and benefited from it as I enjoyed the features but to move forward and grow my trading career, I then established the Gold account and found it quite enjoyable. I had the pleasure to practice almost everything it had to offer, and all the features were of outstanding quality.

Payment Methods:

Payment Methods

The payment methods that are delivered on this platform are:

  1. Maestro
  2. MasterCard
  3. Bank Wire

Although this is a good selection of payment methods, I noticed that Golden-Gate does not offer PayPal and IDEAL methods. Nonetheless, I had chosen the Bank Wire option, and I am pleased to say that my withdrawal process was nothing short of decent.

My Experience with The Withdrawal Process:

As when I first started my trading journey, I had aided the basic account type, and I had enjoyed the features that were presented in that account exceptionally, but as I wanted to expand my knowledge and skills further, I felt the need to upgrade my account type, and so I chose the Gold account. I did so that I could enjoy the majority of the offerings that this platform had to provide.

The withdrawal process is when I got a bit nervous, but it was rather pleasant to my surprise. I had received an email instantly confirming the withdrawal of my money, and even when I had to change my account and upgrade to the Gold account, I faced no difficulty. I had used the same means, and it caused me no issue. Instead made it easier for me, and the experience was flawless, for which I am glad. It can be challenging to trust trading websites nowadays because the fear of getting scammed is always lurking in a trader’s brain, but due to the experience I had with Golden-Gate, I feel content and relaxed.


In conclusion, like the summaries mentioned on the main page to the color scheme, all the minor features made a massive difference with my experience. The customer service never disappointed me. I had always received quick replies with the complete information that I needed with extra help and advice, which is always appreciated. A beginner trader like me can build their trading career using this website.

The layout was simple, subtle, and straightforward. It was easy to understand and access as it had everything that I was looking for and expecting. I had used the education center category the most, and it helped me throughout my experience and made it much better. The eBook collection was great as it gave me many pointers to develop a better and professional trading experience. The glossary was another place where I could advance my trading vocabulary and implement it in my daily life.

The withdrawal process of the trading experience was the most nerve-wracking, but it turned out to be a smooth transaction, and I felt that I could trust this platform. It is the only reason why I am writing this review as it gave me the pleasantest experience, and I am thankful to it for being an open platform despite its few concerns like not having a vast collection of dialects and the customer service being available to the UK and Australia only.

Disclaimer: This review from my own experience and self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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