A digital newsletter is an ideal way to keep your clients and prospects at the forefront of your mind. A newsletter promotes interaction and contact with your audience, whether it’s a daily digest (think: news organisations), a weekly wrap-up (for regularly published sites and blogs), or a monthly update (most every other business). 

Here are the Top 9 sites for newsletter templates that will be of great use for you in the coming year. 


Designhill knows that a newsletter is important for your company to welcome new customers, sending the latest product update and offers. With this, Designhill offers a platform to curate newsletters that are attractive and interesting so as to catch viewers’ attention. Just fill in the brief about your project and pick your favorite designer from the dozens competing for your project. The platform claims to have a team of professional designers who can create a killer newsletter design for your business. Apart from newsletters Designhil also a world-famous graphic design marketplace for custom logo design, t-shirt design, brochures, websites, and more.


Litmus provides responsive, mobile, and free newsletter templates online that are created for particular scenarios. The categories include e-commerce. Product launches, general marketing, and account management. Litmus offers an efficient email optimization and collaboration solution for the users. From Pre-send campaign testing and development to Post-send insights for future optimization, Litmus enhances marketing performance and strategy, achieving enlarged subscriber engagement. 

With attractive and versatile designs, Litmus can be your first preference. 


An Adobe product, Behance is the leading forum for showcasing and exploring artistic work online. Creative people from around the world showcase their work. You can follow your favorite designers and stay updated with their work. It offers various free, responsive email newsletter prototypes in the form of a free download if you just want to launch quickly. There are loads of options available for any kind of templates and designs that you are looking for.  Behance had more than 10 million members in 2018.


99designs is the worldwide creative forum that makes it easy to partner with designers and consumers to create designs they love. 99Designs has a list of 45 free newsletter templates created by professional designers. These templates are free and simple to customize for use. They are modern and responsive as well and are oriented towards corporate communications. 

In all 99Designs is a platform having a good name with a wonderful service, where entrepreneurs, as well as professionalists, can easily find the perfect design for their company. 


If you want open, appealing, and well-designed themes to fit a multitude of industries and occasions, Themezy is the place to go. These themes are vivid, vibrant, modern, and fun. They would probably have it if you’re searching for a particular theme to fill a niche, such as a catering company, fitness studio, or children’s newsletter.  They makes it easy to explore models, designs, and newsletter templates created by artists from all over the world.


Zurb is a product design company that has a responsive framework called INK. ZurbINK offers an impressive range of email templates, which can be downloaded and customized free of cost. You can even create your own personalized templates. The prime feature of these templates is that they are quite responsive, even for old and outmoded email clients. 

Although if you know some code, then the email templates would be easier to use. ZURB even provides a course in responsive email design training for those of you who want to master the tool (not cost-free, but it might be worth it if you send a lot of emails).


For advanced consumers who want to get started with a basic structure, Antwort gives you everything you need. It is possible to download a clean responsive, multi-column template for free. Antwort offers two easy responsive email templates. For maximum customizability, they are minimalist in design that means you would need to know HTML. It provides responsive layouts for emails that both adapt and fit with client widths. These templates, including the sometimes problematic Outlook templates, have been designed to function responsively across a number of email clients. 


Mailchimp is an all-in-one marketing tool that lets you share with your audience emails, advertising, and other messages. These messages are called campaigns, whenever a campaign is created it offers various design settings and a building tool that guides you through each step.
It has a number of pre-designed templates included in the tool, much like other email apps. Choose the template that matches your business goal and brand image. You may even download their Email Blueprints, a collection of HTML templates that can be used to create your own.


Hubspot offers you an all in one marketing solution. It includes a CRM, a Sales hub, a Service hub, and Marketing hub. The marketing email tool helps you stay actively engaged with your subscribers. You can send marketing emails for notifying about offers, discounts, news and promotions that might interest them. You can later analyze the campaign results to understand what content performed well with our AI science. While creating an email using Hubspot, it offers various categories of templates depending on the current stage in the buying lifecycle of each customer. You have the liberty to create your own template or work with an existing template. There are various free and paid newsletter templates available in the marketplace.