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Top 5 Custom Promotional Products for Your Business

With competition getting stiffer day by day, it’s common for your business to feel the pressure. Going up against the big brands and their hefty promotional budget means you need to excel in your strategy to get your brand the recognition it deserves. Custom promotional products are great for attracting customers and sticking your brand name in their minds. Besides, they also help you gain more leads, close more deals, and boost your growth. 

It will cost you a little to invest in custom promotional items, but it will be worth the return you get. Here, we have rounded off the top 5 custom promotional products for your business. Let’s take a look at these products. 

  1. Custom T-shirts 

Custom t-shirts are a great way to get the words out for your main business and grab the eyeballs of potential customers. Anyone wearing your company’s logo on a t-shirt works as a walking billboard attracting other’s attention.

It’s a classic example of custom promotional apparel. Take the example of concert t-shirts. People who come here would like to buy tees of their favorite bands or artists whenever they organize any gigs. At present, brand merch generates billions of dollars for the music industry annually. 

In case you have decided to create custom t-shirt for promotional activities, remember that your purpose is to let customers wear them. Instead of just putting the logo of your company, consider getting your shirt a cool design. Hire a designer if needed or use a t-shirt maker tool for unique designs and ideas. Create custom t-shirts that you would love to wear! 

  1. Custom Tote Bag

What is it that distinguishes a successful promotional item from the rest? You don’t want your products to be tossed away or kept in the corner of a drawer. There are three elements that can make your product outshine others — quality, practicality, and creativity. Create a custom product that your existing and new customers will actually use. And, in the best scenarios, they will show it to their friends and family members.  

Although you might write down a grocery list in your notebook with a pen from your local shop, not many people are going to notice it. But they might notice the tote bag you use for grocery shopping. Tote bags might not be an ultimate product, but they make practical items that hit your target audience’s sweet spot. 

The success of a custom product depends on your target audience, as well. Choose products as per your business type; for example, an apron would be a good idea for a food blog but won’t go along with a tech company.  It’s the product story that matters. If you can make a product work for your brand, go ahead. Just keep the core values of your company intact. For example, if you are selling eco-friendly or organic products, choose merch that reflects the same. 

  1. Custom mugs 

With stressful schedules and busy lifestyles, it’s important to remain active throughout the day. Here comes the importance of caffeine. Take advantage of this opportunity to give something to your customers that they will use every day. Custom mugs are the best promotional items for this. They will notice your logo with every sip of the coffee they have!

Keep your brand’s logo tiny and add a cute quote or punchy two-three words for a more significant impact. 

  1. Custom hats 

Just like custom apparel, custom promotional accessories like hats can be your walking advertisements too! You need to follow the same rule here — create designs that will appeal to your target customers and portray who you are as a brand. A stunning hat/cap will help you catch people’s attention and raise brand awareness. You can use such accessories to promote any event.  

The best thing about hats is that these are unisex items. So, it is cost-effective to order in bulk for distribution of a trade show or other events. Like hats, beanies, backpacks, fanny packs, and laptop sleeves also make great custom accessories for promotion. 

  1. Custom posters

Posters have substantial marketing possibilities for social causes, events, and sales. But when you decide to use them for your brand promotions, make sure they are creative and stand out from others. Hang them strategically at locations where people can see them easily. For example, if you promote an art show, hang your posters at art shops and cafes for better response. 

Creating artwork for promotional activities can be challenging. To sell your posters, you have to make sure your customers want to get these posters and hang them on their walls. It simply means that you have to find the perfect balance between art and branding to hit them. Consider hiring a designer for better designs. 

Another great item is custom stickers. It is useful for promoting shows, events, and more. Customers don’t have to put in much effort to get a sticker and stick it on. Also, stickers make a low-cost way to raise brand awareness. If your stickers have a stunning design or slogan, chances are, they might end up on your target audience’s laptops, phone cases, and many other products. 


The best promotional items are practical. These are the ones that people want to use or carry around and talk to their friends about it. 

The best promotional items are the ones people want to use, wear, carry around, take photos of; make sure to keep up with the latest trends, and stay relevant to your brand. Figure out what items will work for your brand. 

Well-designed promotional products will give your brand enough exposure and help you reach new customers. So, start designing now!

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