Forex firms can be a mess. Trust me, they can be the worst thing happening to you ever. You might be shocked to know that I am a trader who has been working for around a decade. I have this stance despite knowing that these firms can bring you lots of wealth and profits.

The only reason behind my stern stance is that the process of making the right choice when it comes to picking up a forex firm is a very hard one. You have to be very vigilant and sharp to see which of the tons of these will best suit your needs. These 10 years in this industry have taught me all that textbooks could not. I am here to impart that knowledge so you all learn it without having to pay heavy prices. When I say heavy prices, I do not only refer to money but also to all the time, dedication, and effort that one invests in earning it.

If you have ever been trapped by these skillful tricksters you need to tell yourself that you aren’t the first one and that the world has not reached an end. There is always hope and possibly your hope can be The Investment Center. I am an established trader today and I have also been through the turmoil that these unreliable firms have to offer the naive traders. When you are young, you naturally get attracted to the flashy stuff without realizing you might be compromising on integral areas such as security and efficiency.

In a period of 10 years, I have been scammed multiple times but the day I realized not researching properly was the major reason behind this series of losses, I finally took the lead myself. If you ask me, I would say it was the day when I could see the successful days coming my way.

I got to know if The Investment Center through a friend of mine. His brother was a satisfied user of the platform and kept suggesting everyone look into it. When I heard of this, I was ready to see what this broker had to offer me. But now that I had vowed not to make any choices unless I was satisfied, I went straight to my seniors who were already using the broker.

Not one of them said I should not go for it. All of them agreed that like all other forums it wasn’t free of flaws but this broker takes very good care of important factors. I also had detailed conversations with the company’s customer support about ambiguities. After I was sure about the platform is trustworthy, I was ready to make my first deal.

Now that I have been using it for many years, I can say this is one of the best choices that I have ever made. Now let’s begin with the review so you all see what makes me say this.

No Compromise OnSecurity

You all must be aware of the importance of security even if you have not been trading for many years. You don’t want to go through the grief of losing the hard-earned money in seconds. This is why you need to look into the matter thoroughly. To see if a platform has the potential to effectively guard your assets, you need to see if their network is prone to cyber-attacks and security breaches.

At The Investment Center, you can always inquire about foolproof security from the administration. Apart from that, in the past so many years, not even a single event of such an attack has been reported. You can also have a look at the highly transparent Legal section of the website. This section comprises several documents such as

  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Withdrawal, Refund, and Cancellation
  • Privacy Policy
  • Bonus Policy
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Risk Disclosure Statement

All of these are very important to read so that you have an idea of what legal approach the company has adopted and where you exactly stand as a customer. Like I had expected, not even for one I have felt unsafe or vulnerable on this forum.

No Compromise OnSecurity - The Investment Center Reviews

Tools and Instruments

At The Investment Center, I got my hands onto some highly efficient trading tools. I had no idea how much of a difference such tools can bring to you in terms of relatively risk-free decisions and high profits. These tools are highly customizable and this helps you view the current market situation in a way that is convenient to you.  We need not mention how important the chart tool is in trading, here at The Investment Center, charting tools are very well developed. You get to make the data appear the way you like it.

I have always loved how it offers a wide variety of chart types and intervals. The stocks bar near the top of the page keeps flashing as the trader keeps getting information regarding what is going on with the stocks. Green and red-coloured arrows quickly convey if the rates went up or down.

I wish the company added a price trend chart because it gives you a clear understanding of what the trend has been over the past few years. Also, I would love to see an update where the date and time bar is added to the top because it is beneficial when making decisions. It helps you keep a track of time zones.


The English language is the one in which the platform runs by default. It is a great choice but more languages should be added to the portal to ensure that the customers who do not get the English language can make full use of the website and its tools. I have not heard a lot of traders complain about this lot but because the company is very conscious about its users irrespective of the place they come from, I think updating languages would be a nice idea.

Portfolio Building 

Our elders tell us all the time how it is never a good idea to put all the eggs in one basket. It seems like The Investment Center has always been ready to take care of it because of the fact that they let you make use of around 200 trading assets that include crypto, Commodities, Indices, Stocks, and much more. When I joined this platform, I was dealing in commodities only but my financial manager asked me to try my luck in stocks. Around the start of this year, I bought stocks of Bank of America Corporation and since then I have made a profit of around 17%. There are innumerable other stories of me making money from these assets. Crypto is also an area that I explored after joining The Investment Center.  Bitcoin has also helped me immensely and now that it seems like a potential replacement for the dollar, I believe you all should get yourself acquainted with this new currency.

Tools and Instruments - The Investment Center Reviews

Payment Methods

Bitcoin brings me to another feature that I would love to talk about. Although more or less all platforms agree that Bitcoin is taking off the world gradually, very few platforms allow payments to be made in Bitcoins. I like how the Investment Center has yet again stood out by adding this option with three others. Most of the traders who deal with bitcoin find this a great thing but the ones who do not keep saying that they would like to see the platform adding an option to make use of PayPal. Since the clientele of the forum comes from all around the globe, the firm should consider introducing all other ways which are famous all around the globe.


A well-established section of a website suggests that they firmly believe in the never-ending process of learning and education. On this platform, I got to read some great books which touched most of the topics that are famous these days. All of these have small details which describe what the book is all about. Also, these books are available free of cost for all of you to read and learn. Currently, a total of 12 books are available. I wish more of them would be added soon for people like me who are always looking forward to more information.

The Last Words:

To be honest, The Investment Center has some points that need to be worked on but if you look at it generally, you’ll see that it is great when it comes to providing one of the best trading experiences, with its basic and integral services. All these years I have been a satisfied customer of the firm because of the way it has always managed to pull me through tough times. I wish and hope you get a forum as dependable as this one very soon.


This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.