Hi. If you have just joined the trading world or you have just survived an attack from a fraudulent forex firm, I must say this is the right place you have landed at. I am Mr. Robert John, who has been in the trading world for the past 20 years. I have seen this profession undergo massive changes that seemed impossible when I started.

One such example is the introduction of online brokerage firms. I know you all must be aware of a large number of scams and how they have continued making the choice of the right broker very hard. People keep asking me which forum I use and I keep naming TopMarketCap.

I don’t want any one of you to join it right after hearing it from me, in fact, I would love you all to thoroughly analyze the pros and cons and pick one. It isn’t as easy as it seems because most of the fraud companies out there have incredibly hidden their shortcomings beneath the covers of flashy specs.

Today, I have decided to write this review in an attempt to not only put forth the flaws and qualities of my forum but to teach you how to do that in an effective manner.


  • Security 

As a customer of the forum for the last so many years, I must say that if there is one thing which you need not worry about, it is security. I can say this because I am aware of the fact that here at TopMarketCap, the administration is always ready to go the extra mile for their customers. This is reflected in the fact that the website cannot be accessed from some countries such as  Iran, Cuba, Syria, Korea, and the United States.

It is not that people from these areas do not want to join, in fact, operation in these areas leads to some security threats for the rest of the clients so it has been decided that the company will give up on profits instead. Also, the legal documents uploaded clearly talk about different security measures and legal stances on certain activities such as money laundering.

The Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and the Withdrawal Refund and Cancellation Policy are some of the documents that I would love you all to go through even if you do not find the platform fit for you. This activity will allow you all to get an idea regarding how the company would phrase its documents if it is a trustworthy firm.

  • A Wide Range of Tradable Assets

The next thing which I would like to talk about is an exceptionally large range of assets that you can make use of. Always remember that you should try to make use of most of these. This is so because every time you step into the world of a new asset, you are adding to your portfolio in a manner that is diversifying.

This allows you to capture any golden opportunity that might come your way. For example, I was never into crypto but after joining this forum, I gained all the confidence that I needed to make my first crypto deal. Since then, I have benefited the most from Crypto. I also want to share that thanks to the professional financial managers here, I made my first stocks deal here.

I bought shares of the company Tesla and within a year I found my profits skyrocketing. It is good to gain experience in one area but this can be done as you continue exploring some of the other sides available. Also, as a trader, you need to be welcoming to advancements because if you don’t, then time might leave behind.

  • Customer Care

I firmly believe in the fact that for a firm to be highly successful, it is imperative that they have a very well-developed Customer Support department. This reflects the concern of the firm towards their customers. Here, I have seen how the company invests so much effort in the representatives because they are mindful of the fact that they form the face of the company. Once I could not find a way to log out of my account.

I called on the provided number and the representative explained and guided me kindly without making me feel bad. I like how the company has provided its users with multiple options to get in touch such as call, chat, email, etc. I have been using the chat option the most because it gives you an instant reply. So I can say that this section has served me the right way most of the time and I am satisfied with it.

  • User Friendly

So,in all these years that I have spent at TopMarketCap, I have never felt like I had to struggle with the website. All customers would agree that this platform is highly user-friendly, interactive, catchy, and engaging. All these qualities come together to make the overall process of using it so much fun and cool.

I would start from the logo at the top which takes me back to the main page with a click. An arrow at the bottom helps you reach the top in a second without having to scroll to the top. The catchy graphics are something that makes the website more self-explanatory and eliminates the need to incorporate video tutorials.

Also, the font style, size, and colour stand about entirely, and hence this property makes it more readable. All important options like open an account, get started are highlighted green. The best part is that the website can be accessed from multiple devices and you’ll find it equally easy to use from all of these.

I have been to websites of forums that are super slow and text is very hard to read. Also, the major options are not easy to find. So, this one seems amazing relatively.


  • A Dark Background

The dark background colour does not work for me because my eyes always keep refusing to work with all the darkness. I don’t want the firm to change it to white at all. In fact, they can let each one of the users pick their favourite background colour. It will be great that if this happens with the font colour, size, and style. All of these measures can be expected to come out soon because the company believes in introducing high levels of customizability to all the features.

  • Languages

The website should be made available in a larger number of languages because most but not all traders are equally comfortable with English. And now that the website has customers from various parts of the world, I think this step should be taken soon.

  • Limited Hours for Customer Support

Traders have an idea how imperative it is that customer support is always there for help which is it but unfortunately, all options cannot be accessed all the time. Trading is it a 9-5 job, neither do trading deals stop on weekends so this needs to be improved.

  • FAQs

Frequently Asked questions are made a part of the website and that’s a good idea keeping in mind that most traders think along the same lines and hence have the same questions. I like how this section is grouped to help you easily navigate through but new questions keep coming out every now and then because of the high rate at which the profession is evolving at. This is why I believe that section should be updated more often. Otherwise, I like the content and precise way the answers have been written.

  • Private Analyst Session

The next feature which is commendable is sessions with an analyst. Once you sign up you’ll see how competent they all are. I have always benefited from their expert opinion because I had an idea how they always keep an eye on the market situation. But unfortunately, this feature is not provided to the young traders who get the Self-Managed Account.

Many traders including me, feel like they need this feature as much as the experts do. Apart from this, I would also love to hear the initial deposit amount for this account is reduced or finished keeping in mind that this account is for the ones who do not have even 250 euros.

Account types TopMarketCap

Concluding Remarks

TopMarketCap has proved to be a nice choice so far. I am thankful to the forum for providing us all with the right features and specifications. It is this optimal trading environment that lets the forum win the hearts of millions all around the globe. Traders of all types will be pleased to find the various features up to the mark. While each trader is bound to have a specific set of requirements, TopMarketCap ensures that it is able to cater to the broader demographic with its custom analytical tools.


This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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