Businesses pay attention to brand awareness and custom acquisition. But when it comes to customer retention, they fall flat.

Making a customer convert again and again ain’t easy. It always comes as a challenge to retain customers. But after somebody has purchased from your site, you shouldn’t let them go easily. You must strategize and look for ways to make them come to your online store/website again.  

Remember, trust is the building block of success in business. You must shift your focus from acquiring new customers to your regular customers, who show interest! 

You must consider that nearly 2.74 millennials will move to a different store if they find customer service unappealing. On the contrary, loyal customers who have faith in your service, five times more tend to purchase from you!

Now, let us tell you about web push notifications that have become one of the most preferred customer retention tools among big brands. 

How brands utilize web push notifications, and why? That’s what we are going to learn about. 

Customer retention — what is it, and why should you focus on it more? 

Customer retention is proportional to your treatment to a customer after the purchase. 

Once your website has witnessed a sale, you cannot miss the opportunity to make it happen again. You must start the strategy that can lure your customer to come back. 

About 60% of customers love to inform their family and friends about a product or site they feel loyal to, or liked. This kind of word-of-mouth advertising is hard to beat for almost any brand. 

Now, you know why customer retention is essential. 

Remember, returning customers are valuable as they boost your success. As compared to new customers, they double your revenue. 

So, yes, you need to use web push notifications — a perfect retention tool.

Web push notifications are the alert style messages you can send to your customers via desktop and mobile web. You can deliver these messages on a desktop or mobile screen of a customer anytime when they have browsers open. 

Here is how you can use web push notifications to boost customer retention and sales —

  1. Promote upcoming flash sales 

Research indicates that flash sales boost transaction rates for about 67% of businesses. Flash sales can be directed toward existing and new customers both. 

You can send a rapid push notification to the customers who have already purchased from you. Let them know the products that they liked earlier are now on sale. Make them realize that they’re the first to know about a flash sale happening in your store. This will strengthen your bond with your customer and also make them feel valued. 

  1. Promote a product launch 

You can use web push notifications to get the words out for your upcoming product launch. Even if you add a new collection to your online store, you can use push notifications to notify your customers about it. 

Since these audiences who have earlier purchased from your website are more likely to be interested in this new collection. 

Besides, you can share an exclusive sneak-peek to get them hooked. 

  1. Identify micro-moments 

Micro-moments comprise of intentions that the customers you lost more likely had while visiting your website. They came to your online store to find something new. Or they wanted to buy one of your products. 

These are the micro-moments that you need to identify. Once you succeed to tap into that, it can help you communicate with your customers effectively. You can reach them at the exact moment when they really want to make a final purchase decision. 

A micro-moment could be — when a customer comes and adds a particular product to the cart. But when he/she sees the delivery charges, abandons the cart and moves away.

You can send a notification around the delivery charge exemption and make that customer come back. 

  1. Promote best-selling products 

Is there a product or collection that sells out fast? Is yes, you can promote it through web push notifications to engage your new and existing customers. 

But before that, you have to know the customer segment that’s interested in this product. Make sure your message includes the best feature of the product for highlight purposes.  

  1. Recommend products 

You already know your existing customers’ buying preferences, right? You can use this data to keep them engaged with your online store. 

Just like an email campaign, you can use web push notifications for product recommendations as well. Who knows, there could be items that your customers would want to purchase at the last moment!

  1. Ask for their feedback 

When customers realize that they’re valued, they become loyal customers. Besides sending them personalized product recommendations, you can use web push notifications for their valuable feedback.  

When they see that you want their feedback for your store improvement, it instills confidence in them. 

  1. Send event-based promotions 

There come many festivals and occasions that your target audience rejoices. You can identify these events and join your customers in the festivities. 

All you need to do is to send a web push notification marking that particular day. 

  1. Consider time and frequency 

Unless it’s a newspaper, there is no need for you to send web push notifications every day. Updating your customers every other day may bring unpleasant outcomes. So, you have to narrate your notification deliveries more carefully.  

Your goal should be to add value to your customer even if you ask them for feedback. So, make a frequency plan before sending any push notifications.

Timing is yet another thing for consideration. With web push notifications, you can run geo-location-based targeting campaigns. 

Whenever you send a notification, be sure that it’s not in the midnight or early morning. Perfect timing with ideal frequency will yield great results.

  1. Promote back in-stock items 

Suppose you’re interested in buying a product, but that just goes out of stock. What would you do? You want to be alerted or notified once it’s back in stock. That’s where web push notifications come into play. 

You can let them know of items that are back in the store quickly so that they don’t miss out again!

  1. Share product hacks, tips, and tricks 

The best way to retain customers and boost sales is to provide them value. You can use web push notifications to share product hacks, tips, and tricks. Visit websites like Designhill, and see what they do differently.

There is a majority of returning customers on this site, which tells you about their success strategy.

Don’t just care about doubling your sales. But care about providing values to your customers.


There are no short cuts to keep your customers coming back for more. You need to consider your existing customers and keep them hooked with your brand. 

Use existing customer data for better insights and then create web push notifications to target them and keep them engaged. Once you understand the perfect timing and frequency, you’re sure to succeed in the long run. 

Learn from your competitors if needed to devise your strategy accordingly. Add pointers that they are missing. Be consistent in your efforts as consistency is the key to success.